Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Black Cat

Had to read a famous short story "The Black Cat" by not less famous Edgar Allan Poe.It was first printed on August 19, 1843, in the Philadelphia edition of a newspaper called the United States Saturday Post.

I think this story is rather disturbing. Poe says that he is not mad yet how could he not be, he kills his wife and shows no shame! I think perhaps he was insane.
I also think that Pluto, the Black Cat, was a metaphor for Poe's drinking problem it
shows us how someone can change for the worse due to drinking.He was obsessed with the cat being the beast but he turned into a beast himself...
But at the same time this could be not about alcoholism but instead it shows the way in which the narrator avoids taking responsibility for anything he does, instead blaming it on the alcohol and the cat.

For lazy readers, can listen or download an audiobook here.

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