Monday, 5 March 2012

'Where I live'

I had to create a response to the title, 'Where I Live'
The final piece was required to be created in Adobe Illustrator to demonstrate ability in a range subject specialist techniques and show an understanding of variety of image-generating materials, processes and techniques.
As I was not quite familiar with this particular software I found it quite difficult and challenging to produce the final work.
Inspired by various artists and designers particularly artist named Zutto I produces a little planet.
At the beginning of the process it was very difficult because I did not understand how some particular tools in the software worked.
Entire image was set up from many different sketches. First thing I started work on was globe, I scanned drawn image in and using pen tool drew out outline and afterwards filled it using gradient tool. Then I drew little town on the globe using geometric shapes. And for the background I used an image off the internet, then I live traced it and moved some particular parts of it to make it more abstract.

Abstract layouts

Had to work with type.Designing across multiple pages.
I was required to produce 3 sets of three page layouts and little bit more which had to demonstrate individuality, yet maintain a cohesion that made them appear as if they belonged to each other...
First page had to be very simple, the next more complex and the third more complex still. I was required to cut out and use existing individual samples of text of particular magazine disregarding the lack of sense but concentrating on the visual texture, tone and shape of the text, together with the use of space. Image in the form of photographs and illustrations could not be used.


 SET 2

 SET 3

In another exercise I was required to produce two A3 pages, using specific grid. Each page was drawn p with 10mm border all round, then divided into six equal columns of 43mm with 4mm gutters between them.
Again text and image was cut from magazines, this time a wider range of magazines could be used if desired. This time I decided to cut into pieces some expensive magazines such us GQ and Vanity Fair and pasted them down strictly adhering to the grid. Typefaces that are used in these magazines are very different, and I thought it would work out very well to produce two different pages that were not required to be linked between each other.