Thursday, 24 November 2011


Working within supplied design guidelines I have to design and introductory section and cover to complete my zine.

Here is on of those less unsuccessful thumbnails that I decided t take further and produce a digital version of it.

Here I tried to manipulate with heading 'Hello and Welcome'
The idea was to position the ampersand behind 'welcome' in a way so that the top curve would align with 'hello' and the curve would replace 'O'. However when I started to do that in In-design it did not look as good as on the thumbnail. It turned out to be 'hell and welcome'.

So I added that poor 'O' but it still didn't look balanced so I decided to put it in an angle so that it matches the angle of that curve and doesn't really stand out of the overall composition.

(cover is still to come)

"À bout de souffle" (Breathlesss) by Jean-Luc Godard 1960

Seated in an uncomfortable seat spent an hour of my life watching a masterpiece, one of the great movies ever made. Did not know what to expect because have never seen a movie of Jean-Luc Godard and thought that I’ll give it a shot only because it was directed by one of the most influential directors of ALL-TIME even though I am not a great fan of that era.

To be honest I found the film monotonous, unentertaining and boring, but it still is one of the greatest movies. I think being black and white and dull story line in the film left me emotion-less, I understand the intrigue, particularly if you were alive and young when this film was showing for the first time in the cinema but it didn’t hit me the way it did others. However I can appreciate how it influenced and affected everybody down the generations and it still was directed by one of the greatest of all time.  I like movies when after watching you have to get yourself thinking and constantly get back to it and rethink over again and "Breathless" was not one of them, but it still is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Clever Typography

Researching about typography have come across some very interesting pieces for some might be design inspiration. There are gathered 40 Creative Typography Logos created by talented designers. Those logos include wordmark and lettermark logo designs as well as some pictorial logos that have used typography innovatively.

It shows how the clever use of typography and characters can be when used in conjunction with white, negative, positive spacing, colors and accents to create a logo that effectively communicates to the world your business’ personality, identity, essence and individuality.

Some of my favorites:








Moscow Pin Map

Continuing cartography subject.....  

My interest in maps stems from a love of landscape. I've always enjoyed crowds and events that bring people together. For me maps are interesting for many different reasons; they can be interesting just to look at, to study and understand or learn things, to collect or create oneself and each of those has parts which are interesting on their own
Inspired by the inherent beauty and simplicity of lines and forms that arise from natural topography and build environment. And as a native Russian speaker and lover of maps and big cities I have produced my own version of Moscow's map.
Materials: Panel pins and cotton thread.
Size: A0