Monday, 5 March 2012

'Where I live'

I had to create a response to the title, 'Where I Live'
The final piece was required to be created in Adobe Illustrator to demonstrate ability in a range subject specialist techniques and show an understanding of variety of image-generating materials, processes and techniques.
As I was not quite familiar with this particular software I found it quite difficult and challenging to produce the final work.
Inspired by various artists and designers particularly artist named Zutto I produces a little planet.
At the beginning of the process it was very difficult because I did not understand how some particular tools in the software worked.
Entire image was set up from many different sketches. First thing I started work on was globe, I scanned drawn image in and using pen tool drew out outline and afterwards filled it using gradient tool. Then I drew little town on the globe using geometric shapes. And for the background I used an image off the internet, then I live traced it and moved some particular parts of it to make it more abstract.

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