Wednesday, 4 January 2012

First Surrealist Manifesto

After reading The First Surrealist Manifesto I got a bit confused and decided to do a bit more research on it. This is what I came across.
There Taymaz Valley very good analyses the manifesto and after reading it trough it got much clearer for me.

"Surrealism as a movement is a very important one, as it led to the survival of avant-garde ideas. The return to classical style and ideology wich had taken place in the European nations, due to lack of identity post war, had left many unsatisfied; and Surrealism gave the intellectuals the boost they needed. This move away from the materialistic and Bourgeois values of society was celebrated by the first Surrealist Manifesto of 1924, and it provided an alternative. The fact that the first manifesto was named “La Revolution” gave it the attraction it needed. A war that had left many questioning the system and their morals, had a direct affect on the way Andre Breton had been thinking. His experiences as a junior doctor had given him the opportunity to broaden his knowledge in areas that interested him. Fraud and his doctrine, were a big influence on the surrealistic movement. And, surrealism in turn, had an enormous effect on other avant-garde movements later in history, Abstract-Expressionism to name one.

The first surrealist manifesto of 1924, gave the movement its basis. It provided an outline of ideas and philosophy which was to be followed and improved on. It was immensely successful in its objectives, and established surrealism as a movement."

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  1. My sincere apologies for misspelling Freud's name.