Thursday, 22 December 2011


My first ever screen print.
The theme was: year 1971.
Had to browse quite a bit in the web and library to find something interesting and something that would stand out from others. Because there were quite number of people who produced prints of Disney-Land or Michel Jackson...which I think was quite predictable.
So taking that on board I started to dig.
By spending some time on research I got an idea to use a magazine cover from 1971, maybe not the greatest option, but at least not Disneyland. At first I thought of National Geography magazine and then Times and Rolling Stone  and so on and so forth...
Eventually I came across a magazine called Timeout and one of the covers really drew my attention and I decided to use it to produce my first screen print. A bit earlier before I even started to research we had a little talk in Art Gallery Of Wolverhampton about screen printing and some two significant print-makers and one of them was Andy Warhol who was not only a print-maker.
I had the honor to produce my own version of Andy's famous soup cans ;)

Think for the very first print it looks all right :) not as bad as I thought it's going to be, because messed up a bit during the second stage of the process...

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