Sunday, 11 December 2011

Experience W'hampton

By the given brief had to write an article about Wolverhampton and the Black Country of minimum of 250 words and to design page layout related to the subject.
It took me ages to figure the subject what I would like to deliver and at the beginning was struggling with that and made a mistake by starting to design layout without the title.
Eventually I decided to write body of text about  general stuff of Wolverhampton which was symbolically called "Experience Wolverhampton"

After I've done some research for inspiration I have come with this layout design. In this work I decided to use an image to complete my intended design and make it even more relevant to the subject. The idea was to have silhouette of Wolverhampton's skyline.
Based on my thumbnail produced this digital version, which did not turn out to be very successful and had to be improved. Got here a salad of typefaces, no aliments and bad composition.
After taking everything on board I started to work on design and composition and came up with some interesting ideas. I completely redesign main body text replacing randomly positioned columns around a quote with two nicely balance little columns, moving the quote away and aligning it with 'hampton'.
Also positioning 'p' and 'h' so that the are joining the big 'W'

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