Sunday, 11 December 2011

Horizon II

Have been working and improving one of my double page spreads. In the previous post I posted a rough test piece of it, which must have been improved.
Particularly had some issues with choosing relevant type face for the article and the most difficult part for me was to decide where to position the introduction copy :D
For the main body text I selected light Helvetica type face and in the first draft for the sub-headings was used another typeface which now is forgotten because was advised to use not more that two different typefaces, otherwise it would be just a salad :D  So for the main heading as well as for sub-headings it was decided to use Didot type face which became one of my favorites.

In terms of layout design I did not want to use any images so instead I tried to use type as image, think these massive 'hello', ampersand and 'welcome' look quite balanced. I arranged them more to the left hand side so that the main body text would not be all over the place.
In this design I tried, with some difficulties, to align everything as much as possible. Such us introduction is aligning with the top of the 'L' and first two columns of body text with the top of 'W' and 'l' and so on...

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